1. Dish Cloths

    Dish Cloths

    Four 12 inch x 12 inch waffle cloths. This is the perfect dish cloth size for washing dishes and fitting into glasses for spot free cleaning. Learn More
  2. Dish Towels

    Dish Towels

    Best dish towel ever! This 16 x 32" towel dries dishes with little effort and then dries quickly. Learn More
  3. Kitchen Scrubby

    Kitchen Scrubby

    4 inch x 5 inch kitchen scrubbies. Fast drying and machine washable. Learn More
  4. Granite, Stainless & Glass Stove Top Cloth

    Granite, Stainless & Glass Stove Top Cloth

    Use on glass, ceramic and induction stovetops. Perfect for dark granite that shows a film. Learn More
  5. Kitchen Package

    Kitchen Package

    Package includes 2 dishtowels, 4 dishcloths, 2 scrubby. Learn More
  6. Dish Drainer

    Dish Drainer

    This nice thick 16 inch x 16 inch fluffy towel can be used for numerous projects. Learn More
  7. Kitchen Dish Mat

    Kitchen Dish Mat

    This mat works great for draining your dishes on. All the water stays in the pad. Learn More