1. Large Size Cleaning Cloth

    3 Pack Large Cleaning Cloths

    16 x 16 inches. Use these assorted microfiber cloths to clean anything. Learn More
  2. Ladies General Cleaning 4 Pack

    Ladies General Cleaning 4 Pack

    12 x 12 inch assorted microfiber cloths. Different textures in package. Learn More
  3. Optical Cloth

    Optical Cloth

    These soft 8 x 8" cloths are safe to use on all LCD screens, camera lenses, and glasses. Keep your smart phone, iPads, and other mobile devices clean with this cloth. Handy small size fits in eyeglass case.

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    Never use a scratchy washcloth again on that tender skin.

    This cloth is a handy size to fit in diaper bags.  This is a wonderful grandma item.

    Cloths are 12x12 inches.

    $6.00 each or 4 for $20.00

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  5. Non-woven streak free cloths

    Non-woven streak free cloths

    Machine washable, thin sheets of non woven microfiber. Great cleaning ability for all your chores. Lint free. Use on windows, mirrors, autos and all your chores. 16 x 16 Can cut to any size. Great for eye glasses and computers. 5 per package. Learn More