Bath & Body

  1. Bath Sheets

    Bath Sheets

    26 x 56 inches. Generous size to wrap around you. Learn More
  2. Bath Mat

    Bath Mat

    This machine washable mat is just perfect for you to step out of the shower on. 19x25 inches Learn More
  3. Hair Turban

    Hair Turban

    This makes a great gift. Learn More
  4. Wash Cloths

    Wash Cloths

    12 inch x 12 inch face cloths. Learn More
  5. Shower Drying Towels

    Shower Drying Towels

    16 x 32 inch. No more soap scum or hard water marks will be allowed to live on your shower walls and doors if you use these towels to wipe the shower down after showering. Learn More


    Never use a scratchy washcloth again on that tender skin.

    This cloth is a handy size to fit in diaper bags.  This is a wonderful grandma item.

    Cloths are 12x12 inches.

    $6.00 each or 4 for $20.00

    Learn More