Auto, RV and Boat Products

  1. The Four in One Mop

    The Four in One Mop

    This mop converts from a squeegee for moving water off fast, to a washer for quick removal of bugs, to a duster for light dusting , to a drying mop, and then also for applying a liquid wax.

    Optional: Include 1 washing pad, 1 bug scrubbing pad $30.00 extra

    Learn More
  2. Angle Adaptor

    Angle Adaptor

    Pivots 270 degrees, American made, can be used on any of our mops or brushes. Learn More
  3. Squeegee with cover

    18 inch Squeegee

    Closed cell foam, moves water quickly without absorbing it. Use on RV’s fronts and sides and at home. Learn More
  4. Large Size Cleaning Cloth

    3 Pack Large Cleaning Cloths

    16 x 16 inches. Use these assorted microfiber cloths to clean anything. Learn More
  5. Meanie Greenie Bug Cloth

    Meanie Greenie Bug Cleaning Cloth

    Meanie Greenie Bug cleaning cloth Great for using in your hand to scrub off those pesky sticky bugs and bird droppings on your RV or auto. Learn More
  6. Chenille Mop Pad

    Chenille Mop Pad

    Works well on 16 inch velcro mops for floor cleaning, also fits over our 4 in One mop. Learn More
  7. Squeegee Covers

    Squeegee Covers

    These covers fit over a 18 inch squeegee. Learn More
  8. Bug Scrubber

    Hand Size Bug Scrubber

    Use with water to scrub off those pesky bugs on your auto. Learn More
  9. Chenille Mitt

    Chenille Mitt

    Cuff less mitt made of quality soft microfiber. Mitt is great for washing, dusting, or waxing. Divider in center for better control and ease of use. Learn More
  10. RV Soft Bristle Brush

    RV Soft Bristle Brush

    Clear coat safe brush to use on windshield and paint. Learn More