Owners Dwane and Janet Trannum

About UsPreviously business owners for 25 years before starting Almost Heaven Microfiber.com

We started our micro fiber business in 1996 after being introduced to a small cloth that cost big bucks at a home show in Arizona. Microfiber was not in any retail market in the U.S at that time.

We were amazed at its cleaning properties. That cloth that cost us $15.00 was the start of our business. The amazing little cloth was manufactured in Korea, and did everything the woman told us it would do. She walked up to my booth and brought that cloth out of her purse and sold me. The first time I used it I remarked  Its like I went to Heaven, it actually works!

I sometimes believe that we entertained an angel that day!

That is why we named our company Almost Heaven Microfiber.

We import our micro fiber from S. Korea unlike all of the micro fiber that fills all of the store shelves from China.

The Korean s take pride in their fibers, and only use the best available, unlike the disposable less quality produced in China and available at all the discount stores in America.

We pride our business only on the BEST available from Korea. Not all micro fiber is created equal and we have built our business on that slogan.

18 years later, we still are doing shows and sharing our knowledge of cleaning without chemicals.

We never run down our competition, or copy anything they do.

We are hard working Christian people with great work ethics, and a 100% money back guarantee on everything we sell. We treat everyone like we would like to be treated. Our reputation proceeds us.

Thanks for being customers. We would not have been able to make it this far without you.

God bless, Dwane & Janet